BEN KLOCK plays Sejon track at PHOTON, Printworks in London

SEJON witnessed BEN KLOCK drop one of his latest unreleased tracks towards the end of his two hour set at Photon in Printworks at the weekend. Having sent BEN KLOCK a demo earlier in the year, SEJON managed to capture the moment he dropped his track ‘Mental Physics‘ while dancing with the crowd in the Press Halls.

KLOCK playing this track came completely unexpected to SEJON, but quickly became a cherished moment to savour one’s music over the Printworks system and see first hand how the crowd reacted. ‘Mental Physics‘ is currently unreleased, but is likely to hit retailers in the not too distant future.

SEJON Presents: SONIC FLUIDITY (Music + Visual Live Show) | Beijing – 6th April 2019

‘SONIC FLUIDITY’ is an audio-visual, hybrid show from UK electronic music artist SEJON. Developed from an intense interest in the visual phenomenon and resulting beauty of sound manipulating matter, SEJON combines his style of techno and ambient music with the filming of unique patterns materializing when they are subjected to liquids.

SEJON’S objective is to develop an immersive music and visual, sensory experience, where the sound itself creates an organic, stimulating visualisation in real-time, based on the principles of CYMATICS and FARADAY WAVES. Combined with additional visual material that SEJON has filmed himself, SONIC FLUIDITY embraces complex, often bizarre and beautiful, geometric patterns, abstract urban clips in total, responsive fluidity with his music productions.

SONIC FLUIDITY will be showcased for the first time in the open air, on a large screen and stage in the grounds of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing on 6th April 2019.

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