Mould Audio Podcast # 7 – Sejon [05.05.2021]

In addition to his remix contributions in the latest release on Mould Audio, Sejon has contributed a three hour mix for the podcast series. Taking a long form approach, Sejon explores atmospheric, dark, hypnotic and tribal techno cuts throughout the set. You can listen on SoundCloud via the embed below.

“Here we are with the 7th sonic journey for our imprint, where Sejon embarks on a three hour set incorporating a couple of the forthcoming tracks from [mld006] Seeker LP by label founder Ruben Ganev for which he also did three remixes. The release will be out on 07.05.2021.
Available exclusively on Bandcamp.”


01. Jonas Kopp – Plano Metal (Original Mix) [Osmosis]
02. Ruben Ganev – Mushani One (Gål Remix) [Mould Audio]
03. Optics – Chrysantium (Original Mix) [KSR]
04. Border One – Nuclide (Original Mix) [Token]
05. Ruben Ganev – Seeker (Original Mix) [Mould Audio]
06. PUSHMANN – Random Future (Original Mix) [KSR]
07. Pfirter – Emission Mechanisms (Original Mix) [Paralelo]
08. Ruben Ganev – Mushani One (Sejon Remix) [Mould Audio]
09. Optics – Somatic Marker (Original Mix) [KSR]
10. Sebastian Kramer – The Force (Original Mix) [Content]
11. Mark Williams. – The Latin One (Original Mix) [INGOMA]
12. Danilo Vigorito – Everything Happens For A Reason (B2) [ISOGHI]
13. Jeff Mills – Tango (Performance Mix) (B) [Purpose Maker]
14. Sebastian Kramer – Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Content]
15. Sebastian Kramer – Tactics (Original Mix) [Content]
16. Cøncentrate – Timewarp (Developer Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
17. TWR72 – Whir (VIL Remix) [Hayes]
18. Fadi Mohem – Nine (Original Mix) [SPANDAU20]
19. Cøncentrate – Timewarp (Original Mix) [Gynoid Audio]
20. Francesco Argentieri – Im (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
21. Francesco Argentieri – Sacrifice (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
22. Temudo – The Beholder (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
23. Francesco Argentieri – Portage (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality records]
24. Kaiser – Empty (Original Mix) [KSR]
25. Sebastian Kramer – Inside The Core (Original Mix) [Content]
26. Kessell – Codebreaker (Original Mix) [Granulart Recordings]
27. Divide – Immersione (Original Mix) [Float Records NL]
28. A Thousand Details – Corfolox (Angel Dust Mix) [ANAOH]
29. JC Laurent – Soaring Over (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
30. Hertz Collision – Loaded (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
31. Border One – Split (Original Mix) [Token]
32. Temudo – Float Here Forever (Original Mix) [Klockworks]
33. Sebastian Kramer – Live Reaction (Body) (Original Mix) [Content]
34. Recycled Loops – Reloop 2 (B1) [RELOOP]
35. Marco Bailey – Sygno Power (A) [White Label]
36. Danilo Vigorito – Knapper (A1) [White Label]
37. Gaetano Parisio – 19-99 (A1) [Drumcode]
38. Stefan Vincent – Argon (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
39. Rene Wise, Rødhåd – 190209.1 (Original Mix) [WSNWG]
40. Maral Salmassi – 177Z (Tadeo Remix) [Konsequent]
41. Steve Parker – Trip To Saturn (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
42. Vladw – 01234.92 (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
43. Optics – Chrysantium (Original Mix) [KSR]
44. Mike Storm – Into A Human Mind(Original Mix) [Warm Up Recordings]
45. Sebastian Kramer – Forbidden Fruit (Original Mix) [Content]
46. Jonas Kopp – Teoria Del Silencio (Original Mix) [Osmosis]

You can also watch the live recording with visuals of this mix here:

Sejon – 798 District EP [MLD003] | Previews

Sejon’s next EP, ‘798 District‘ is due for release on 6th October 2020, on Mould Audio. You can find the previews of the EP, including tracks ‘798 District’, ‘799 District’, ‘Abstraction’ and ‘When She Was Working’ by using the SoundCloud embed below.

Mould Audio welcomes Sejon to the label with a four-track EP for its third release. Produced remotely in Beijing, Sejon takes inspiration from the raw, industrial structures of Dashanzi. Isolating himself within the environment to craft and nurture diverse expressions, he channels the immersive energy experienced in surround by such mechanical architecture, conceptualised into four tracks.”

798 District will be available on Bandcamp and all good streaming platforms from 6th October 2020.

Sejon – Contrasting Duality EP [V1001] | Previews

Sejon’s latest release ‘Contrasting Duality EP‘, also marks the launch of his own imprint ‘V1‘. Conceptualised to express consistent momentum within a techno mindset, V1 embraces hypnotic polyrhythms, loopy percussive grooves and immersive energy. As solid stand alone tracks, or tools for DJs looking for layers in a greater signal, Contrasting Duality sets the pace for V1.

Featuring tracks ‘Mental Physics‘ and ‘Interdimensional‘, with early support from Ben Klock and Dave Clarke, you can listen to previews of Contrasting Duality EP on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Contrasting Duality EP is available to pre-order on Bandcamp and will be released on 18 May 2020. Availability in other stores will follow.

SEJON Presents: SONIC FLUIDITY (Music + Visual Live Show) | Beijing – 6th April 2019

‘SONIC FLUIDITY’ is an audio-visual, hybrid show from UK electronic music artist SEJON. Developed from an intense interest in the visual phenomenon and resulting beauty of sound manipulating matter, SEJON combines his style of techno and ambient music with the filming of unique patterns materializing when they are subjected to liquids.

SEJON’S objective is to develop an immersive music and visual, sensory experience, where the sound itself creates an organic, stimulating visualisation in real-time, based on the principles of CYMATICS and FARADAY WAVES. Combined with additional visual material that SEJON has filmed himself, SONIC FLUIDITY embraces complex, often bizarre and beautiful, geometric patterns, abstract urban clips in total, responsive fluidity with his music productions.

SONIC FLUIDITY will be showcased for the first time in the open air, on a large screen and stage in the grounds of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing on 6th April 2019.

Facebook Event
RA Event

Mechanic Slave – Deep Business (Sejon Remixes) [Geushky] – Out Now!

Sejon’s latest release comes in the form of two remixes for a record label close to his heart, Geushky Recordings. Delighted at the prospect of remixing for the label that had such an early influence on his pathway into techno, Sejon presented two versions of ‘Deep Business’ to label boss Ian Void who decided they both made the cut for release.

Offering heavier takes on the original, Sejon delivers a dark, intense, hypnotic late night styling in V1, while expressing a groovier style in V2. Both tracks effortlessly suited to various points in a DJ set. Other mixes on the EP come from Greencross and Newks.

Deep Business is now available on Beatport and all good digital retailers.

Sejon – Dreamers | 3 Years Of Faut Section [FAUT020] – Out Now!

Sejon’s latest track ‘Dreamers’ is now available on the 3 Years Of Faut Section compilation. The triple CD marking the third year anniversary of Lewis Fautzi’s imprint, features 27 tracks ranging from experimental to techno cuts.

Including a wide range of artists, between undeniably outstanding names of the world Techno Scene and exciting newcomers, names like Lewis Fautzi, Oscar Mulero, Zadig, Jonas Kopp, Pfirter, Reeko, Kwartz, Christian Wunsch, Tensal, Birth Of Frequency, Stefan Vincent, Kessell, Sejon etc, are all part of the celebrations.

You can listen to previews of all 27 tracks included on the compilation by using the Beatport players below, with the CD available on Juno, and the Faut Section Bandcamp page.

Retail Links
Faut Section Bandcamp

Sejon @ After Cycle & Friends, Paris – 19th July 2014

Séjon will be performing at two impromptu gigs in Paris next weekend. First up is the after hours event, ‘After Cycle & Friends’ at Le Pigallion. Séjon will be playing alongside Justin James, plus Stan Faria and the Nightcode residents during a 14 hour continuous party in the French capital. Further details can be found on the Facebook event page and below.


NIGHT CODE W./ JUSTIN JAMES ( MINUS ) & Friends …@ Le Pigallion, Paris

JUSTIN JAMES (Minus / Refused audio) CA
SEJON (D-Form / Etichetta Nera / Spark Musik) UK
NICO SICAA ( unc audio) FR
V-STYLE (Concept) FR
Maat sina (Equation record) CN

Main Event: Friday 18th July – 23:00 – 06:00
After Hours: Saturday 19th July – 06:00 – 13:00
Venue: Le Pigallion, 11 Place Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France

Sejon – Clouds EP [ENDGT026] – Promotional Feedback


The feedback that Sejon’s latest EP, Clouds, received while on the promo circuit can be seen below. Notable support from a number of producers and DJs alike, with the majority offering more than encouraging words.

PROMO FEEDBACK // Sejon – Clouds EP [ENDGT026]

Dez : Clouds & Nastro Azzurro beer for me!

Marc Troit : Really cool tracks, ”Dark Tunnel” works for me, thanks for the music

Roberto Figus : Great ep My favorite track is Clouds ! Thanks

Tunnel : Thx for this! Listening now. Good basic tracks for layering and building into a set.

Roberta Onirika : weekend is my track. support. thanks.

Exium Hector : weekend my fav here,thanks

Francesco De Franco : Great techno EP, my fav is Clouds! C’mon Sejon!

Synus0006 : a little bit same all kicks, but good release

Luca Doobie : solid stuff, i’ll try some for sure, thnx L

Plural : Nice release!

Russ Gabriel : Fibonnaci is my fave.

Adriana Lopez : Weekend for me. Thanks

Ekkohaus : Driving grooves, digging it, thanx…

George Apergis : Fibonnaci

Benoit TSUGI FR : coool ep

Richie Hawtin : downloaded for r hawtin

Pat Coefficient :

Dj Gill ( : full support!

Dasha Rush : over all fine , but not sure ..will listen again

Victor Martinez : weekend its for me thx

Nick Perry : Nice Ep Thnx

Guti : download for guti

Greg Gow : dope ep

Dr. Hoffmann : Great tracks, will play them, thanks

Maurizio Vitiello : fibonnaci and weekend are the two tools i could use in my techno set… will try!

Angel Molina : Night Drive / Pinecone for me on here, thanks.

Ivo Toscano : Dark tunnel for me!!! thx

Mario Massaro : 6 nice track pinecone is my fav !

Electric Indigo : nice release! night drive and pinecone are my favorites after first listening

Unbalance : Good techno tools, thanks!

G-Man : night drive is super cool.. full support from g-man

Dj Ralf : Dark tunnel. THX.

Marcel Dettmann : thx

Clubbing : Fibonacci for me.

Rich Jones : I’m biased, but this is a cool ep All tracks are nice stripped back tools, good work bro x

Fabrizio Maurizi : Dark Tunnel is very nice thanx;-))

Guido Nemola : Sejon always rocks

Andreas Zead : Great

Zoe Xenia : Clouds sounds great thnx

Roger Sanchez : Downloading to try out, thanks

Roberto kai-zen : Weekend is my pick

Marco Carola : download For marco carola

Elon : good shit! thanks!

Truncate/Audio Injection : Thanks for sharing, I dig the tracks. Gonna try them out.

Sejon’sClouds EP‘, is currently available on Beatport and will soon appear on other digital music retailers.