In addition to pursuing an artistic career, Sejon aka Chris Jones continues to further his expertise of music, sound and technology in extending his skills towards professional projects. During studying an MSc in Music & Sound Technology at the University of Hertfordshire from 2017-18, Jones pursued a variety of research projects. One of these included the potentiality of real-time, intuitive motion visuals stimulated by sound, based on the principles of cymatics.

As a keen videographer and visual artist, it is an aspiration for Jones to achieve a functioning hybrid visual display of real-time cymatic formations, complimenting a DJ or live electronic music performance. In the video above, Jones assisted MA Photography student Hu Jiawen in capturing formations in water, generated by pre-recorded tones on a Korg Minilogue synthesizer and spoken word. The imagery was shot with a micro-lens, prior to being layered over photographs and featuring in her Water Memory exhibition.

This footage was also used by Jones in his Final Major Project. Layered with other shots in his typical style, Jones incorporated the cymatic clips with others he had taken in a promotional music video for ‘Berlin‘, a track on his ‘Contrasting Duality EP‘.

Jones’ blog for his research into cymatic formations and their potential application into an intuitive, live performance setting can be found here.

Additional projects Jones undertook incorporated his passion for vinyl into academic context. He examining the feasibility, financial limitations and logistical challenges for emerging independent record labels and artists producing and distributing vinyl in the techno niche. Jones presented his study in a short documentary film, including an interview from Justin James of Canada’s refused. and Minus record labels.