Sejon – Beeps & Treeps EP [DFORM001] – Out Now!


Sejon’s latest release, ‘Beeps & Treeps EP‘, is now available on Beatport.

Beeps & Treeps is the first release on the brand new D-Form label, managed by Steve Parker and Angel Alanis. The vision for D-Form is to offer music which falls within the deeper, raw Detroit Techno sound, and the Beeps & Treeps EP delivers Sejon’s personal expression in his strongest release yet. With four tracks delving into Sejon’s take on contemporary techno, the EP offers percussive energy, depth and soul without compromising their authenticity. For previews of the tracks, check out the Beatport players below, or the D-Form SoundCloud page.

Primary support on the promo circuit has been received from Audio Injection, Laurent Garnier, Reset Robot, Joseph Capriati, Nihad Tule, plus many more.

You can currently purchase the Beeps & Treeps EP on Beatport, with its availability coming soon to other digital music retailers in the coming weeks.

Sejon – Beeps & Treeps EP [DFORM001] – Promo Feedback

As Sejon’s upcoming Beeps & Treeps EP approaches its release on new label D-Form, the promotional mailout has begun to deliver some encouraging words of support from other artists. Here are some of the early comments:

Audio Injection supports Sejon   Prob  Original Mix    Label Worx1
Laurent Garnier supports Sejon   Beeps   Treeps  Original Mix    Label Worx2
Reset Robot supports Sejon   Prob  Original Mix    Label Worx1
Joseph Capriati supports Sejon   Beeps   Treeps  Original Mix    Label Worx1
Richie Hawtin supports Sejon   Beeps   Treeps  Original Mix    Label Worx1
Nihad Tule supports Sejon   Movement  Original Mix    Label Worx1

You can listen to previews of the Beeps & Treeps EP on SoundCloud, plus see further feedback as it arrives on the D-Form Facebook page. Release date TBC.

Sejon @ After Cycle & Friends, Paris – 19th July 2014

Séjon will be performing at two impromptu gigs in Paris next weekend. First up is the after hours event, ‘After Cycle & Friends’ at Le Pigallion. Séjon will be playing alongside Justin James, plus Stan Faria and the Nightcode residents during a 14 hour continuous party in the French capital. Further details can be found on the Facebook event page and below.


NIGHT CODE W./ JUSTIN JAMES ( MINUS ) & Friends …@ Le Pigallion, Paris

JUSTIN JAMES (Minus / Refused audio) CA
SEJON (D-Form / Etichetta Nera / Spark Musik) UK
NICO SICAA ( unc audio) FR
V-STYLE (Concept) FR
Maat sina (Equation record) CN

Main Event: Friday 18th July – 23:00 – 06:00
After Hours: Saturday 19th July – 06:00 – 13:00
Venue: Le Pigallion, 11 Place Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France

Sejon Mix – D-Form Tripcast #001


Ahead of his upcoming Beeps & Treeps release on D-Form, Sejon is featured on the first D-Form Tripcast, which will showcase exclusive mixes from the label’s artists and friends.

Sejon’s mix, which was recorded in his typical four-deck, layered style, encompasses a dreamy journey of depth and percussive energy. Utilising brand new and classic techno tracks, unlike many of his own podcast mixes, this set showcases Sejon’s vision of techno without holding back.

You can stream or download Sejon’s D-Form Tripcast on SoundCloud by using the widget above.

Sejon’s Beeps & Treeps EP is out on D-Form Records on 21st July 2014

Sejon – Beeps & Treeps EP Previews [DFORM001]


Previews of Sejon’s next EP, forthcoming on newly launched D-Form are now online. Beeps & Treeps, is a four track release showcasing Sejon’s developing direction within underground techno, and is the first release for D-Form, which is managed by Steve Parker and Angel Alanis.

The tracks, Beeps & Treeps, Movement, Wearing Many Hats and Prob all demonstrate percussive, hypnotic and deep variations of Sejon’s production output. Previews of all tracks are available through the SoundCloud player below.

Beeps & Treeps is due for release on 14 July 2014, and will be available on vinyl and all major digital download stores.

Sejon @ Perforate, Portsmouth – 24th May 2014

Séjon will be appearing for Portsmouth night, Perforate, later this month alongside Billy Nasty, Nomad Spectrum and the Perforate residents, DJ JP and Edcase. Further details can be found on the Facebook event page and below.

Perforate Barn

BILLY NASTY [Tortured & Electrix Records]
SEJON [D-Form & Etichetta Nera]
NOMAD SPECTRUM [Fnoob Techno Radio]
DJ LP + EDCASE [Perforate]


The Milton Arms & The Barn
174 Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8PR [See Map]

Date: 24th May 2014
Time: 20:00 – 01:30
Door Tax: £6

Sejon – Perforate Radio Mix – 29th April 2014

Ahead of his set at Portsmouth based techno night, Perforate, Séjon featured as a guest on Perforate Radio this week. His mix, which is a more peak time set compared to his own Cadencia Podcast mixes, can now be streamed or downloaded on SoundCloud using the widget below.

Perforate Radio

You can catch Séjon playing for Perforate on 24th May, more details to follow.

Sejon – Clouds EP [ENDGT026] – Promotional Feedback


The feedback that Sejon’s latest EP, Clouds, received while on the promo circuit can be seen below. Notable support from a number of producers and DJs alike, with the majority offering more than encouraging words.

PROMO FEEDBACK // Sejon – Clouds EP [ENDGT026]

Dez : Clouds & Nastro Azzurro beer for me!

Marc Troit : Really cool tracks, ”Dark Tunnel” works for me, thanks for the music

Roberto Figus : Great ep My favorite track is Clouds ! Thanks

Tunnel : Thx for this! Listening now. Good basic tracks for layering and building into a set.

Roberta Onirika : weekend is my track. support. thanks.

Exium Hector : weekend my fav here,thanks

Francesco De Franco : Great techno EP, my fav is Clouds! C’mon Sejon!

Synus0006 : a little bit same all kicks, but good release

Luca Doobie : solid stuff, i’ll try some for sure, thnx L

Plural : Nice release!

Russ Gabriel : Fibonnaci is my fave.

Adriana Lopez : Weekend for me. Thanks

Ekkohaus : Driving grooves, digging it, thanx…

George Apergis : Fibonnaci

Benoit TSUGI FR : coool ep

Richie Hawtin : downloaded for r hawtin

Pat Coefficient :

Dj Gill ( : full support!

Dasha Rush : over all fine , but not sure ..will listen again

Victor Martinez : weekend its for me thx

Nick Perry : Nice Ep Thnx

Guti : download for guti

Greg Gow : dope ep

Dr. Hoffmann : Great tracks, will play them, thanks

Maurizio Vitiello : fibonnaci and weekend are the two tools i could use in my techno set… will try!

Angel Molina : Night Drive / Pinecone for me on here, thanks.

Ivo Toscano : Dark tunnel for me!!! thx

Mario Massaro : 6 nice track pinecone is my fav !

Electric Indigo : nice release! night drive and pinecone are my favorites after first listening

Unbalance : Good techno tools, thanks!

G-Man : night drive is super cool.. full support from g-man

Dj Ralf : Dark tunnel. THX.

Marcel Dettmann : thx

Clubbing : Fibonacci for me.

Rich Jones : I’m biased, but this is a cool ep All tracks are nice stripped back tools, good work bro x

Fabrizio Maurizi : Dark Tunnel is very nice thanx;-))

Guido Nemola : Sejon always rocks

Andreas Zead : Great

Zoe Xenia : Clouds sounds great thnx

Roger Sanchez : Downloading to try out, thanks

Roberto kai-zen : Weekend is my pick

Marco Carola : download For marco carola

Elon : good shit! thanks!

Truncate/Audio Injection : Thanks for sharing, I dig the tracks. Gonna try them out.

Sejon’sClouds EP‘, is currently available on Beatport and will soon appear on other digital music retailers.

Sejon – Clouds EP [ENDGT026] – Out Now!


Sejon’s latest release, the ‘Clouds EP‘, is out now on Beatport.

Released on Napoli based, Italian imprint Etichetta Nera, Clouds is Sejon’s third EP of originals to emerge on the label in the last eighteen months. With Sejon’s expression firmly focused on the raw and deeper end of the techno spectrum, the Clouds EP offers six cuts which can be utilised as DJ tools, or stand-alone tracks which are strong on their own merit. For previews of the tracks, check out the Beatport players below, or go to Sejon’s SoundCloud page.

With Richie Hawtin playing an early version of Dark Tunnel over a year ago at Escape From Wonderland, early support on the promo circuit has been received from the likes of Dasha Rush, Roberto Figus, Ekkohaus, Greg Gow, Fabrizio Maurizi plus many more.

You can currently purchase the Clouds EP on Beatport, with its availability coming soon to other digital music retailers in the coming weeks.

Sejon – Clouds EP Previews [ENDGT026]


Sejon’s next EP, ‘Clouds‘, is due for release this month on Etichetta Nera. The EP features six original tracks which offer an insight into Sejon’s expression from the raw and deep end of the techno spectrum. With some of the tracks initially produced as percussive tools, Sejon found a middle ground which enables many of them to be used as tools while also remaining strong as stand alone tracks.

The Clouds EP will be available digitally at all good retailers on 30th December 2013. You can take a listen to all of the tracks included on the EP by using the SoundCloud player above.