In addition to his remix contributions in the latest release on Mould Audio, Sejon has contributed a three hour mix for the podcast series. Taking a long form approach, Sejon explores atmospheric, dark, hypnotic and tribal techno cuts throughout the set. You can listen on SoundCloud via the embed below.

“Here we are with the 7th sonic journey for our imprint, where Sejon embarks on a three hour set incorporating a couple of the forthcoming tracks from [mld006] Seeker LP by label founder Ruben Ganev for which he also did three remixes. The release will be out on 07.05.2021.
Available exclusively on Bandcamp.”


01. Jonas Kopp – Plano Metal (Original Mix) [Osmosis]
02. Ruben Ganev – Mushani One (Gål Remix) [Mould Audio]
03. Optics – Chrysantium (Original Mix) [KSR]
04. Border One – Nuclide (Original Mix) [Token]
05. Ruben Ganev – Seeker (Original Mix) [Mould Audio]
06. PUSHMANN – Random Future (Original Mix) [KSR]
07. Pfirter – Emission Mechanisms (Original Mix) [Paralelo]
08. Ruben Ganev – Mushani One (Sejon Remix) [Mould Audio]
09. Optics – Somatic Marker (Original Mix) [KSR]
10. Sebastian Kramer – The Force (Original Mix) [Content]
11. Mark Williams. – The Latin One (Original Mix) [INGOMA]
12. Danilo Vigorito – Everything Happens For A Reason (B2) [ISOGHI]
13. Jeff Mills – Tango (Performance Mix) (B) [Purpose Maker]
14. Sebastian Kramer – Tomorrow (Original Mix) [Content]
15. Sebastian Kramer – Tactics (Original Mix) [Content]
16. Cøncentrate – Timewarp (Developer Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
17. TWR72 – Whir (VIL Remix) [Hayes]
18. Fadi Mohem – Nine (Original Mix) [SPANDAU20]
19. Cøncentrate – Timewarp (Original Mix) [Gynoid Audio]
20. Francesco Argentieri – Im (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
21. Francesco Argentieri – Sacrifice (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
22. Temudo – The Beholder (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
23. Francesco Argentieri – Portage (Original Mix) [Diffuse Reality records]
24. Kaiser – Empty (Original Mix) [KSR]
25. Sebastian Kramer – Inside The Core (Original Mix) [Content]
26. Kessell – Codebreaker (Original Mix) [Granulart Recordings]
27. Divide – Immersione (Original Mix) [Float Records NL]
28. A Thousand Details – Corfolox (Angel Dust Mix) [ANAOH]
29. JC Laurent – Soaring Over (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
30. Hertz Collision – Loaded (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
31. Border One – Split (Original Mix) [Token]
32. Temudo – Float Here Forever (Original Mix) [Klockworks]
33. Sebastian Kramer – Live Reaction (Body) (Original Mix) [Content]
34. Recycled Loops – Reloop 2 (B1) [RELOOP]
35. Marco Bailey – Sygno Power (A) [White Label]
36. Danilo Vigorito – Knapper (A1) [White Label]
37. Gaetano Parisio – 19-99 (A1) [Drumcode]
38. Stefan Vincent – Argon (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
39. Rene Wise, Rødhåd – 190209.1 (Original Mix) [WSNWG]
40. Maral Salmassi – 177Z (Tadeo Remix) [Konsequent]
41. Steve Parker – Trip To Saturn (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
42. Vladw – 01234.92 (Original Mix) [Dynamic Reflection]
43. Optics – Chrysantium (Original Mix) [KSR]
44. Mike Storm – Into A Human Mind(Original Mix) [Warm Up Recordings]
45. Sebastian Kramer – Forbidden Fruit (Original Mix) [Content]
46. Jonas Kopp – Teoria Del Silencio (Original Mix) [Osmosis]

You can also watch the live recording with visuals of this mix here: