Sejon‘s latest work ‘Projected Reality‘ is presented by MiA Collective Art in an exhibition contextualising fictional AI virus ‘SMART-59‘. Conceived from a projected experience of ‘SMART-59‘, this visualised, sonic glance into perceived reality takes a poetic narrative to express the addictive, and subsequent detrimental impact of AI.

I wanted to express an intimately personalised perspective of how SMART-59 might be experienced. Embodying aspects we humans can become addicted to, including convenience and heightened productivity, but also unknowingly coerced into surrendering control to a power far beyond our comprehension. As an electronic music producer, I naturally wanted to express this piece using sound, but focus primarily on poetry and film to truly impact that expression.” – Sejon

You can watch Sejon’sProjected Reality along with the other artists’ works at the MiA Collective Art Exhibition on their website and on display at ‘Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival’ at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Xiamen, China until 03 January 2022.