Out today on Spark Musik is Sejon’s latest offering to the techno underground in the form of his ‘Deprogrammed EP‘. The five track package delves further into raw, deep and hypnotic textures that one can usually expect from Sejon’s creative expression and studio mentality. Each track is the expressive product of ongoing life experiences, moods and emotions felt during typical day-to-day studio sessions. In addition to the four originals, Submerge & Ricardo Garduno have provided a sublime remix of ‘Deprogrammed‘ to make the EP a contender for Sejon’s strongest release to date.

The Wandering in life encourages one to question many things, things that lead one on a journey to Another Realm, where Loneing Around is walking down a path of self-discovery towards becoming Deprogrammed” – Sejon

For previews of the tracks, check out the Beatport players above, or the Spark Musik SoundCloud page.

You can currently purchase the Deprogrammed EP on Beatport, with its availability coming soon to other digital music retailers in the coming weeks.